A whistlestop trip to London

We took a trip to London for a night this week. We primarily went for a work conference but we couldn’t resist seeking out some decent food.

We arrived on Monday evening and after a swift check in at the Kings Cross Travelodge (Royal Scot) we hopped on a tube to Oxford Circus. Our destination for this first evening was to be Pitt Cue Co. It’s just around the corner from Carnaby Street and we stopped for a quick drink at the pub across the road for a pint first.

We arrived there about 8:30. There’s a small bar area upstairs, and downstairs is a small restaurant. I can see why they don’t take bookings!

We waited at the bar, running up a tab on our toy cow and perused the menu.

pittcuecojanuary2014 pittcuecomenujanuary2014

It took about 45 minutes for us to get seated, and when you do get downstairs, it is quite tight for space in there. We struggled to decide what to order. In the end, after drooling a little over other peoples food, we opted for a selection of extras and a couple of sides.

Altogether we ordered pigs cheeks, jowl scrumpet, smoked chicken thighs, pulled pork, pigs head sausage, caramel ribs, steak, bone marrow mash and cabbage tops.


If I had to pick favourites, I’d pick the jowl scrumpet, chicken thighs and bone marrow mash – but it was all really good!

They also had their own Pitt Cue beer called Whatever, which worked perfectly with the meat.

The following day, our conference was at The Institute of Education, just near Russell Square. We headed over towards the BT tower and found our way to Busaba Thai restaurant on Store Street. It was busy when we arrived but we were seated quickly and here I opted for a ‘Red curry egg fried rice – braised beef, lime leaf, aubergine, sweet basil and egg fried rice’.


At £9.90, I thought that it a pretty good value for the central London location, and I’d definitely look to go back next time we’re down.

Our final pit stop wasn’t planned this way. We had planned to cross the road to Bloomsbury Lanes bowling alley and to the diner there. But we asked where Rays diner was when we got there and the staff told us it was only there at weekends. So we needed a quick alternative. we went back over to Store Street and to Byron burgers I had heard of Byron, but I hadn’t been. We were in quite a rush, so just ordered a cheese burger and fries – I was impressed, the food was out within 10 minutes of ordering. There was a choice of cheeses for the burger and I opted for the Monterey Jack. The burger was really good, but benefited from a little mustard in it!



  1. sandi says

    I thought Byron was ok, I make better burgers though :D. Courgette fries on our visit to Canary Wharf were floppy. It is better than your average burger, but not worth the price tag. Will have to give Thai pace a go if we are in the area, as I love Thai food.

  2. steph says

    There are a few of the Busaba Thai restaurants around, so might be worth looking up next time you’re in London.

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