WasabiSabi Birthday and Clandestine Cake Club book launch

I was lucky enough to be amongst the invited guests at the WasabiSabi Restaurant 9th birthday celebrations on Monday in Sheffield. I’d heard good things about the parties in the past so I was very excited to go.

We arrived a bit late and it was packed! We were given a glass of wine and headed in to find some space, we found Gav and Clare of Feast and Glory fame. Sushi and canapes were passed around and then we were ushered in to the teppanyaki room where we were given a demo. It was great fun and all the food was delicious. I also managed to say a quick hello to Hayley who has started blogging about food this year. I hope to be invited back!


On Tuesday evening I went to the Clandestine Cake Club book launch at Waterstones in Leeds. CCC is a special thing for me, I have learned to bake cakes just so that I could visit a club (in fact, I’m about to learn how to bake my third cake for another visit).

The evening started with a talk by Lynn Hill who came up with the idea of cake club just two years ago. Now there is a cookbook and clubs all over the country. There was wine, lots of people and lots and lots of cake.


I had a flick through the book while I was there, it is beautiful. The cakes were baked by cake club members and they’re stunning! I have a lot of respect for the people that can create cakes like that.

I haven’t got a copy of the book yet – but I do hope to rectify that very soon 🙂

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