Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

This is one style of eating area that I never thought I would be blogging about!

Trinity Kitchen, part of the Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds is a new style of food court. There are permanent pitch restaurants which take up about 2/3rd of the space, and then there are 5 pitches devoted to street food vendors. These street food vendors are from far and wide, with familiar Leeds folk alongside vendors that have traveled further.

Welcome to trinity sign

The deal seems to be that the traders get a months pitch in there, then they leave in the dead of night and are replaced with the next group. It sounds weird, but boy does it work well! (from a customers point of view – although there are some tired looking vendors on that first day following the overnight set up.

There have been 3 changes so far at Trinity Kitchen and we have been to visit at least once in each session. The only dilemma I have, not being in Leeds regularly, is that I tend to eat at the visiting traders rather than trying what is on offer from the permanent pitches.

We were invited to Trinity Kitchen on the 16th December to try out the new traders. This was truly a perk as the food was amazing, and we have been back three times since!

Our first stop on the 16th was Donostia, a street food van serving Spanish pinchos with seating around the counter. We both love Spanish food and we had a cold meats & cheese platter and a duck slider. The duck slider was absolutely delicious, and we made a further trip back later in the month to eat more!

IMG_5679 IMG_5683
IMG_5697 IMG_5694
morcilla and quails egg and scallops

I’d heard rumour of OFMLondon before they arrived and I’ll be honest, they sounded like my kinda place! They do burgers and breakfast – and I love breakfast! I have taken a few pictures over the visits…..

OFM London
IMG_5721 IMG_5734

IMG_5869 IMG_5765

The service at OFM is always with a smile. The guys are so friendly and chatty about what they do, and why they started. The Fry PA beer is a specially brewed beer they have created for their stint in Trinity. If you visit, make sure you try all that they have on the menu. They’re amazing cooks and the food is perfect.

If you’re skeptical about the idea of Trinity Kitchen, I’d definitely say give it a go. When you travel up the escalator near Boots, just as you get to the top, there are amazing smells drifting through the air – I hope to get there at least once a month to sample all the delights on offer!


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