The Crab Apple Tree Supper Club – Leeds

One of my aims for the new year was to get out and try new things, with supper clubs being high on the list. When a couple of dates were announced for The Crab Apple Tree supper club in Leeds with the main dish being ‘homage to the pig’, I bit their hand off to get a space.

We signed up, paid in advance and then awaited more details about where we were going and what we were having! About a week before we received an email with details of the exact location and a link to the menu (incase we hadn’t seen it posted on twitter). The excitement started to brew 🙂

We were a few minutes later than everyone else (oops!) as we tried to find the place in the dark and we entered the already rather full dining room and took our seats. We had quick introductions (I seriously cant remember many names!) and then the food started arriving. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one taking photos, so we had a quick ‘photo stop’ before most of the food!

PHOTO: Bury Black pudding croquettes

wow. These were great, the black pudding was so smooth inside.

I had a bit of a funny moment at this point when I started thinking to myself how weird it was to be sitting in someone elses house with a bunch of twitter strangers having paid for the privilege. Anyway, I put that to one side and got on with enjoying the evening.

PHOTO: Fillet of Sea Bass with King Scallop and Brittany butter sauce

This to me was a perfect dish. It was cooked perfectly and tasted fantastic.

PHOTO: Oyster au Naturale

The oyster was interesting, it provided a little around the table bonding as no one had tried a raw one before. There was lots of banter as to who was going to be first! We all gave it a go and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I’m not sure I’d have them raw again. It wasn’t that I disliked it, it’s the cost that would put me off.

PHOTO: Homage to the Pig – a dish that celebrates the versatility of the animal served with caramelised apples and cider sauce

So much meat! Starting at the back working clockwise; shallot rings, pulled pork, pigs cheek, belly pork, celeriac puree, chorizo and a potato rosti. I cleared my plate. I probably shouldn’t have done as there was so much, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave any!

PHOTO: Orange and Amaretto Tartlet with mascarpone and italian coffee granita

This was probably my least favourite part of the meal, I’m not keen on orange flavoured things at the best of times, but the quality of the dessert really stood out. The pastry was thin and light and the filling wasn’t too dense.

PHOTO: Brandy chocolate truffles

The food was absolutely amazing and I’m disappointed that this was the penultimate supper club for The Crab Apple Tree as I would have loved to try more.

I had a great night. I enjoyed meeting people, having a chat, laughing and learning. I would definitely do it again (and will be in May as we’ve booked in at another local-ish place)


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The Crab Apple Tree Supper Club – Leeds || @thecrabapple


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