Spicy beef empanadas – Argentina [World Cup Food Challenge]

Argentina are charging their way through the World Cup – it’s getting harder to decide what to cook!

For the quarter finals I prepared spicy beef empanadas using (quite unusually!) the recipe from the BBC which was from the Hairy Bikers (mums know best) series on TV.

I started on Sunday morning making the pastry and boiling two eggs. (yes – I was surprised at the boiled egg ingredient in the empanadas!)

20140708-210042-75642956.jpg image

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The oil was heated to 350 F before frying the empanadas for about 7 minutes, turning them half way through.

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I made 12 empanadas which were really good. They turned out well, but they were an incredible faff to do with rolling the pastry and then the frying. It took about 3 hours in total. I think if I was to do them again, I’d do them without egg in them so I could freeze them!

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