Sour Cherry and Oat Biscuits from Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard

dan lepard short and sweetI had the Dan Lepard book bought as a belated birthday present, I spent a long time reading through it, made a little bit of the no-knead bread, but this was my first attempt at anything sweet from it.

The original recipe in the book is for sour cherry and oat biscuits, but as we didn’t have any cherries, I substituted them for cranberries, but everything else I left the same. I also mixed everything in the mixer as I’m quite a lazy baker if I can get away with it!

The recipe says to make a large batch which makes about 50 biscuits, I made half the mix and it made 24 – so not far off! The book says you can freeze them once mixed to bake at a later date.

dan lepard biscuit ingredients

So, the recipe started with mixing the butter, sugar and vanilla extract together. Then add the egg, flour, bicarb, and cinnamon. Then finally add the oats and cranberries.

biscuits in the kitchen aid biscuits mixed in the kitchen aid

I spooned the mixture on to greaseproof paper and cooked at 150° for about 15 minutes, I cooked both trays at the same time and turned them and swapped shelves around after 10 minutes.


These biscuits are lovely and chewy, I can quite happily eat too many of them!

cranberry and oat biscuits


  1. HB says

    I spent a long time reading his book too (also birthday present!) before making anything. I found the bread recipes rather long winded and don’t mind kneading – I prefer the overnight prove versions. Anyhoo, this was one of the first recipes I tried and it is a firm favourite in our house! I like hearing others have tried and tested the recipes I have also had a bash at and what their verdict was!

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