River Cottage Sourdough Starter – Day one and two

I have been baking my own handmade bread for a year now. I can confidently make a decent white loaf, and a few variations. I have felt for a while that it was time to dabble in sourdough, but when I was given a starter, I lost all confidence and really didn’t know what to do with it.

The other day there was nothing on tv, so I stuck on an old episode of River Cottage Everyday which I’d recorded about bread. Hugh created a starter for his sourdough, I grabbed the book off the shelf and I have started the process for my own starter!

I dont think the recipe is a secret, so I’ll detail what I’ve been doing;

100g strong wholemeal flour whisked together with enough warm water to make it a thick batter consistency and then covered with cling film and left alone for 24 hours.

river cottage day one sourdough starter

I came back to a few bubbles. I think that maybe there should have been more (maybe it needed whisking harder, or to be somewhere slightly warmer) – but I figured I’ll go with it and see how it progresses. Today involved adding 100g white bread flour and cold water to make the thick batter consistency again.

river cottage sourdough day two

Tomorrow starts the discarding some / add more flour & water.

Have you made a sourdough starter? What did you use and what are your experiences?

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