River Cottage Sourdough | Bake 50 Breads #1

Following on from my post about day one and to of making the River Cottage Sourdough Starter it continued on as day three to seven were spent taking half away, adding 100g flour and enough water to make into a thick paste. On day 5, the smell changed (as was supposed to happen according to the book) – it started to smell a lot more pleasant than it had been doing.

On day seven, it looked like this;

river cottage sourdough day seven

I decided to bake with it straight away. I took out 100ml of the starter and put the rest in a tupperware tub in the fridge (needs feeding once a week apparently).

I mixed the starter with white bread flour and warm water, covered it with clingfilm and left it overnight.

river cottage sourdough sponge

In the morning, I mixed that with white bread flour, olive oil and salt and kneaded on a board for about 10 minutes.

river cottage sourdough ready to mix river cottage sourdough ready to knead

I put the dough into a bowl, covered it with cling film and left it for about 9 hours.

river cottage sourdough - before rise river cottage sourdough after rise

Then, I knocked it back and shaped it to put it into the proving basket. It then went into the airing cupboard for 3 hours.

river cottage sourdough before proving river cottage sourdough after proving

It went in the oven and cooked for about 45 minutes in total.
river cottage sourdough cooked
river cottage sourdough sliced

I was really pleased with the way it looked – although it had stuck to the proving basket despite it being heavily floured. When I cut in to the bread, I was a little disappointed with the lack of air bubbles inside. It had a distinct smell and texture, you could tell it wasn’t a regular white load, but I thought there would be air! Maybe that’s because it’s a new starter? or because I didn’t put fruit/yoghurt in the initial starter. Oh well. I think I’ll make at least another loaf with the starter before evaluating what to do with it!


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