Reds True Barbecue Restaurant – Leeds

Ahhhh, I’d been wanting to go to Reds since it opened. We decided to go on a wet, Tuesday lunchtime. It was empty when we arrived and I wondered if anyone else would be braving the rain. thankfully they did and there were about 8 other tables in.

There has been a lot of twitter activity around the restaurant, some good and some not so good. The general consensus seemed to be that service wise they were finding their feet, and there was the odd shortage of food (which is explained by the fact that they marinade/smoke/prepare all their food. If it runs out quicker than they expect, they cant just magic up more). Hopefully this issue will be sorted though as they learn what the demand is for their food.

Anyway, there was a note on the board saying they had no homemade jerky (on the starter menu) and when I asked for a vanilla milkshake there was doubt whether this was available – but it was.

Browsing through the menu was a slow process for me, there was so much to read and so many dishes that appealed I really couldn’t decide what to have. In the end I opted for a bucket ‘o bones. Wow, it truly was a bucket! I ordered it with chips and ‘slaw’ (price: £21.95).

The only issue I with the service was that the waiting staff didn’t write down the order. This actually makes me quite uncomfortable in a restaurant! There were no problems with the order, but I still like to know it’s written down!

I loved the ribs, although I’m greedy – there were a few too many for me but thankfully Dave helped me out with them! I liked Reds, I thought it was a nice experience. There were fantastic smells coming from the open kitchen.

This side of town seems to be turning into the destination for meat eaters with Cattle Grid, Rib Shakk and now Reds. I think that there’ll possibly be a little tension between Rib Shakk and Reds, but I do think they’re both different styles of food and they’ll have different followings. Based on recent visits to Rib Shakk I’m actually more drawn to Reds.
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Red’s True Barbecue Restaurant
1 Cloth Hall Street, Leeds, LS1 2HD
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