Perfect poached egg

It took me a long time to be able to cook poached eggs properly, now I have them most days for breakfast! I cant believe I used to find it so difficult. I tried cooking them the Heston way, and also with vinegar, but now I do a combination of the two.

poached egg runny yolk

So the way I do it:

  1. Fill a saute pan with cold water, place on hob and turn on the gas
  2. Crack eggs into small dishes (this removes the hassle of breaking straight into water)
  3. Now, I put the eggs on to a spoon with small holes in and strain off the dribbly bits of white, return the eggs to the small dishes
  4. Once water is at a slow boil, I pour in each egg into a different part of the pan
  5. Put the toast on and make coffee
  6. Once the toast is done, the eggs are done

How do you cook yours?


  1. Gary Wells says

    Can’t improve on perfection!The eggs look fab! I put the whole egg in the boiling water for 20-30 secs lift out and break them into the water.The white holds together and stays compact.Your bread looks great too!

    • Steph says

      That’s a way I haven’t heard of before. I guess they’re not too hot to touch having only been in for such a short period – but, dont you find it gets awkward if you’re doing more than a couple?

      I’ll try and remember to try it next time I’m cooking them.

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