Olympic Food Challenge – Rwanda – Rwandan Chicken & fried beans

The athletes of Rwanda have been competing in the Olympics since 1984, but they have never won a medal. So far in 2012, they still haven’t won a medal.

Finding food of Rwanda didn’t throw up that many results and I even found a question from someone doing a similar challenge a few years back asking for suggestions.

The most common recipe that did come up was Rwandan chicken with rice. I didn’t want rice again though! We found a recipe for Rwandan beans and opted for that.

Rwandan Chicken
Chicken thighs (recipe called for an entire jointed chicken)
celery sticks
hot chilli pepper
(full recipe)
Rwandan Beans
vegetable oil
onions, finely chopped
garlic cloves, minced
cooked white beans (canned or homemade)
salt and pepper
ground red pepper
(full recipe)

When you looked at the dish it actually looked like the beans and the chicken had been cooked in the same sauce. It actually tasted nice, I liked it.

That sees the end of our participation in the Olympic Food Challenge – it has been quite hard to do as our kitchen has been in chaos with getting new units fitted. I’m glad we took part as everything we tried was something we hadn’t eaten before.

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