Olympic Food Challenge – Moldova – Mustard Shrimp

Moldova are quite recent competitors to the olympics and first competed as an independent nation in 1992. Prior to this the athletes competed under the Soviet Union team.

So far in the 2012 London olympics the team have won two bronze medals in the weightlifting.

I was quite difficult to find cuisine that was specific to Moldova as it actually overlapped a lot with Ukrainian food (they’re next to each other) but we eventually found a recipe suitable for a weekday evening.

Mustard Shrimp
raw shrimp, shelled and cleaned and dried
vegetable oil
caraway or fennel seeds< chilli powder or cayenne pepper minced garlic Dijon Mustard lemon juice salt full recipe

Having read other recipes Dave also added mango to the recipe and made a lemon rice to accompany it


This was really nice. Without the mango it’s an easy dish to knock up – definitely one to add to the regulars list in our house.

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