Olympic Food Challenge – Brazil – Cheese Bread & Kibe

This olympic games is an important one for Brazil. At the end we’ll be handing over the flag to them as the 2016 games are being held in Rio de Janeiro – the first time in South America!

Where best to start when preparing Brazilian food than with a Brahma?!


We decided to take on a few challenges this evening and make a selection of Brazilian street food. We made Pao de Queijo, Kibe, Black eyed peas & shrimp fritters and Tomato & hearts of palm salad. There are no photos of the fritters as although they tasted good, they really weren’t picture worthy!

Pao de Queijo / Brazilian Cheese Bread
melted butter
vegetable oil
tapioca flour
grated farmer’s cheese, or any firm, fresh cows milk cheese
salt to taste
full recipe

We’ve had these at Gaucho in Leeds and they were amazing! I was quite excited to be making our own. The recipe sounded really simple – but, I read quite a lot of reviews saying they were difficult to perfect. I’d agree with that.

It was a case of heating the oil, milk, butter, stirring in the flour then adding the eggs and cheese and chilling before shaping. They look good (although nothing like the ones at Gaucho!) but the taste just wasn’t there. They were so dense inside, and they had a weird almost crunchy texture to them, like there was grit in them or something – I think that must have been the flour, but we ate a couple and the rest have gone in the bin!


Brazilian Fried Meatballs / Kibe
bulgur wheat
beef broth or water
minced beef
olive oil
onion, finely chopped
minced garlic
mint leaves
Salt and pepper
full recipe

Dave cooked these, he fried the onion, garlic and spices before adding some of the meat. Then this mixture was shaped and coated in the rest of the meat, bulgur wheat and herbs before being deep fried. We had some reheated in the oven today and although they’d lost their crispiness they were lovely and we’ll definitely have these again.


Tomato and hearts of palm salad
tin of palm hearts
dressing made from olive oil and red wine vinegar
full recipe

I could hardly believe it when we finally had a recipe for the tin of palm hearts that have been sitting on our shelf for a while. They smelt quite like sweetcorn when coming out of the tin and they didn’t taste that dissimilar really.

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