The ‘Odd Dinner’ at T&Cake Cafe

Ahhhhh. We moved to Huddersfield about 18 months ago. When looking around at houses, we stumbled upon T&Cake cafe in Almondbury. We have been quite a few times since then and sampled many different things from the menu. The menu is cafe style, but proper home cooked filling grub!


The cafe is run by Stephen&Tracy who used to run The Weavers Shed over in Golcar. A little while ago, Stephen tweeted to say there was the possibility of an ‘Odd Dinner’ at the cafe. We got very excited by this possibility and promptly put our names down. The idea was, 10 courses, accompanying drinks, £100 a head.

The day arrived, we knew a couple of other fellow tweeters were going too, and we headed down for what was to become one of the best meals I’ve eaten this year.

My pictures from the day aren’t great. I left the big camera at home on this occasion.

The food menu was as follows;

‘snacks’ – cheese sablé – tomato with tapenade madeleine – local beef, caper & lemon
“bread and butter” – Handmade Bakery sourdough – bayleaf butter
endive – pain d’epice – pink grapefruit – bergamot – mint

odd dinner t and cake

cauliflower panna cotta – fried hazelnut crumbs – lovage
sweetcorn – scallop – Lincolnshire smoked eel – belly pork – “seaweed”
potted wild rabbit – Holmfirth cider jelly – carrot confit – chervil
woodpigeon – potato and shallot tart – toasted croissant velouté – brassicas

odd dinner t and cake mains

“T&Cake” – beurre noisette financier – milk ice-cream – Earl Grey custard
olive oil jelly – muscovado cornets – truffle

odd dinner t and cake desserts

I really can not do the evening justice in pictures (but maybe that’s because they’re just iphone pictures!) and words. The food was perfect, the service flawless and it was just a perfect night out. There is (in my opinion) nothing that comes close to this kind of experience in Huddersfield. It was fine food, and despite being in the same cafe that I’ve eaten Welsh rarebit, meatball subs and cake, it was like a different venue.

I am definitely going to be booking in for future events.

To find out more, follow on twitter @tandcakecafe | You can also read Rachel’s blog about the evening over at Dollybakes

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