Nat Tallents – Not so secret supper club

I love twitter. It takes me to places I probably would never have been.

I first heard of Nat Tallents when she appeared on Masterchef. Being the local star, she was in the paper a few times, so when I found her on twitter, I started following her.

When I saw Nat tweeting at the start of the year about her new ‘Not so secret supper club’ I booked us in! Nat runs her own business as a private chef and has worked in some top restaurants.

If you haven’t heard of supper clubs, (then where have you been hiding?!) the idea is that you go for dinner at someones house with a bunch of strangers and pay for the food. I know that sounds wrong, but it really isn’t. We have been to a couple over the recent years …. We started at The Crab Apple Tree in Leeds which was amazing, disappointingly when we went it was their last event before they went travelling to Australia! We have been to Dinner at the Manor a couple of times – tickets for this sell out like hot cakes! It’s nigh on impossible to get a ticket if you’re not online at the time the tickets are released. Then in Huddersfield I have also been to Marie-Claire’s underground tea room, which, as the name suggests, serves afternoon tea.

One of the things that I think makes a good supper club is the table setup. Last night there were 10 of us. We sat around 3 sides of a table, with the 4th side touching the kitchen island so we had full view of the kitchen while Nat cooked away. We could ask questions about the food and she could tell us about it too.

So, on to the menu for the evening…….

Homemade bread & Scottish Flower Butter
Jerusalem Artichokes, Bacon, Truffle
Mussels, Oak smoked Salmon, Seaweed, Sand
Roe Deer 3 Ways, Beetroot, Cabbage, Anna Potatoes
Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Popcorn, Filo
Apple, Fig, Pear, Custard, Crumble
Coffee and Chocolates

It was top class food, it really was. The other people there were friendly and chatty and it was a chilled evening. One of the really obvious things that came through on the night was Nat’s professional background, the kitchen was organised and having 10 of us looking on didn’t distract her from the food prep.

nattallents-canapes nattallents-homemadebread
nattallents-jerusalem artichoke soup nattallents-mussels-salmon-seaweed
nattallents-roedeer3ways nattallents-supperclubchef
nattallents-vanillasaltedcarameldessert nattallents-apple fig pear custard crumble

Nat said she was planning to do another event, probably in early March. Follow her on twitter @nattallents and read about her on her website –


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