My week in photos [2nd-8th July]

I’ve been a bit slow at updating this week. But here it is… my week in photos (last week).

We had a morning meeting in Leeds and when that was done we popped around to The Wardrobe for lunch. In the evening we were visiting friends and had some Asda pizzas. One of them had potato on – it was strange, but nice in that unexpected kind of way.


I made a quiche! This was my first ever attempt at making quiche and the first attempt at the pastry case resulted in a hole down the side. The second attempt was better and the quiche, although a little bit too cheesey (I used the James Martin recipe on the BBC site).


I love good coffee. This was a flat white from Cafe Society in the centre of Huddersfield.


We won tickets to go to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park (courtesy of Gourmet Kitchenware) so we headed over on the sunny day of the weekend – with wellies!


PHOTOS: Samosa Chaat and Puri Chaat

The food was delicious from the Chaat Cart (not really a cart – it was a stall) but the service was a bit chaotic and slow to say the least.

The longest queue for most of the day was at the Paella stall. I queued up for about 15 minutes to get a portion of the (free range!) chicken and chorizo stuff!


It was a good day out, although most of the food demos were cancelled which was disappointing. We didn’t buy much from the stalls, just some Spanish ham and manchego.


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    I just saw you had put pictures of Chaat Cart on your blog so I thought I’d write. The pictures look great and I’m glad you thought the food was delicious. I set up Chaat Cart as I grew up loving this sort of street food, inspired by the cart on Indian roadsides. We are a very very new business, in fact the Saturday at Tatton was our FIRST full day of trading and we were still finding our feet. We have since started doing Manchester markets and local festivals. I hope you will be back to try more of our food and we should be much better at the service. Come find us at ‘Party in the Park’ this weekend or follow us on twitter @chaatcart to see where to find us.


    PS thanks again for featuring us on your blog and I’d love copies of your pics if you don’t mind emailing them to me.

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