My week in photos [25th Jun-01 Jul]

There was a theme to our food last week – Spanish/tapas.


PHOTOS: Chorizo&chickpeas, prawns and shrimps || Monkfish&prawns with rice, pork kebabs


We went to a local cafe to try out their burger before it appeared on their menu. It was *delicious*.


I acquired some very nice Sushi Tuesday sushi. It was lovely and fresh.


I did some baking! I made some baguettes (first attempt and they turned out very well!) and a cake (I still need to write up about baking my first cake last week). I used the recipe that Them Apples posted about last year, it worked very well – I just cooked them for slightly less time on a lower temperature.


We also picked some gooseberries (which are growing in our garden). We have given them to my dad who is going to make a crumble or a pie with them.


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