My week in photos [18th-25th March]

I dont have as many photos this week, but there are a few.

Sunday 18th

I made hot cross buns. It was my first time making them and I think they turned out well.

Dave cooked a lovely roast chicken tea for mothers day (my mum came over) and he made prawn cocktail to start (made the mayo that went into the marie rose sauce too!)

Tuesday 20th

We had a hot smoked salmon salad. It was salmon, new potatoes, green beans, radish, salad and a soft boiled egg.

Wednesday 21st

With the start of the new series of Apprentice, we went to see friends and had a pizza for tea (leftovers reheated for breakfast the following morning too!)

Friday 23rd

My Graze box arrived. This is week 3 out of a deal for 4 boxes. I’m not sure I’ll continue with it.

I had a bacon and brie toasted ciabatta for lunch. Dave suggested putting basil in and that worked really well.

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