My week in photos [18th-24th Jun]

So the week started with our anniversary, and we celebrated with a bottle of Cava that we brought back from Spain a few years back and a roast dinner.

Then I made bread – I’ve been trying different shapes recently, rather than just the round ones. I prefer this shape as it’s easier for toasting and making sandwiches. I then tried to make an egg mayo sandwich but the egg was such a nightmare to peel! I’m sure there’s some scientific reason for this to happen – anyone know?

On Thursday we went for another Spanish tapas night at Brooks in Mirfield. The food was excellent and I really enjoyed it. Great value too!

On Friday Dave cooked a Spanish omelette (tortilla) with potato and onions. We were shown how to make these by a friend from Spain and we’ve made loads over the years.

I also baked a cake on Friday! I will write a separate blog entry about that tho’!

On Saturday we went to a wedding, this was the wedding cake; three layers of fruit cake – made by my auntie.

On Sunday while I went out for afternoon tea, Dave stayed home and made big batches of meatballs, tomato sauce and ham croquettas. I helped to breadcrumb them, but they’re very much Daves creation – and delicious too!


  1. Steph says

    No, I dont think they were, we’d had them nearly a fortnight I think at that point – maybe they’re too old?

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