Mexican Tortillas | Bake 50 Breads #3

This was my first attempt at making tortillas, and I have to admit, they really didn’t turn out as I’d hoped!

I used the recipe on the site of the Cool Chile Masa Harina flour which was 250g flour, 330ml hot water. mixed together, then covered and left for 15 minutes.


tortillas - flour and water together tortillas - dough

I added a bit of extra water to the dough, as it just didn’t seem to feel right – but I’m not sure if that was just because the dough is so different to regular bread. Anyway, I took a small ball of the dough and because I dont have a tortilla press I used a freezer bag cut in to two and rolled the dough between those with a wooden rolling pin.

tortillas - dough ball

tortillas - rolling tortilla without a press tortillas - rolling without a press

We have a tawa for cooking chapattis, so after trying to cook them in a skillet, we changed to that.
tortillas - cooking on tava

tortillas - cooked

They look good, but they didn’t taste it. There was something not right about them. Next time I’m going to try making the ones from the Mexican Food Made Simple book, they have olive oil in them and they rest for longer than these ones did.

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