Manjits Kitchen Supper Club – Leeds

Manjits Kitchen have been doing home delivery on a Friday and Saturday evening in Leeds for just over a year. As we dont live in Leeds we hadn’t been able to sample the food but we’d heard lots about it on twitter.

We were lucky enough to get a space at the first #mksupperclub held at HEART cafe in Headingley. Manjit and Michael had convinced the HEART cafe to let them use their space on the evening they were closed and what a great venue it turned out to be.

It was my first experience of a supper club and I wasn’t really too sure what to expect.

We arrived and were welcomed in by Michael and offered a lassi (no picture of this I’m afraid). There were two tables of 10 and each table setting had a place card (the picture on the left).

PHOTO: Inside Heart Cafe for #mksupperclub

We had received a copy of the menu a week before and I was really looking forward to it. I’m not vegetarian and I do enjoy meat but when you have Indian food cooked well, you really dont miss meat.


PHOTOS: Papri Chaat // Mixed Vegetable Pakoras


PHOTOS: Shai Paneer // Punjabi Baingan Bharta

PHOTOS: Chana Daal // Aloo Saag

PHOTOS: Roti // Carrot, Mustard & Sesame Seed Chaat and Steamed Corn & Pomegranate Chaat

PHOTOS: Jeera Rice // plate full of food!

My favourite was the chana daal. But the corn and pomegranate was so refreshing and fresh tasting.


PHOTOS: Prashad

PHOTOS: Cardamom biscuit // Masala Chai

I had a really good evening. We chatted with the people next to us and made new twitter friends. Although we were strangers we did have twitter and a love of food in common so the evening was fun.

Manjit is an excellent cook and I’d recommend you try her food where you can, and I understand she’ll be on the streets peddling her wares on the streets from next month so keep an eye out!


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