La Rocas, Wakefield

This is a write up of a bloggers dinner at La Rocas on Friday 28th October.

Despite Wakefield being quite convenient to where we live, I haven’t eaten there much.  I knew that La Rocas was there and I had been tempted to visit in the past, but this was our first visit.

La Rocas is right in the centre of Wakefield on Wood Street.  We parked outside as the street parking was free in the evening.  We were greeted by a waitress and seated with Lisa (@TheYummyYank) and Ian. Dave (@NorthernFood) and Rach (@ComedinewitRach) arrived shortly after.

We started with two of their mezze plates and then had a selection of tapas that the restaurant chose.

The plate contained olives, hummus, oil & balsamic, tapenade, anchovies, mozzarella and Serrano ham. I think this was my favourite part of the meal to be honest.

The tapas served were;

Pan De Ajo (V) – Garlic bread
Nachos (V) – Topped with tomato, jalapenos & melted cheese
Jambalaya – Chorizo, shrimps, chicken, herbs & spices cooked with rice, white wine and tomato sauce
Albondigas – Spanish meatballs in a rich tomato sauce
Gambas Al Pil Pil – Black tiger prawns in a chilli & garlic oil
Costillitas De Cerdo – Marinated ribs, served in a sticky BBQ chilli glaze
Patatas Alioli (V) – Lightly fried potatoes covered in warm garlic mayonnaise
Berenjenas Gratinadas (V) – Fresh aubergine, baked in a tomato, garlic & white wine sauce, topped with cheddar & mozzarella cheese
Chorizo Al Vino – Spicy Spanish sausage cooked in rioja tinto

I was really excited as the tapas came out – I love tapas.  My excitement didn’t last long though when the garlic bread, jambalaya and nachos appeared. I was very confused as to what market the restaurant was aiming for.

The food looked nice.  It was all well presented and the dishes were full enough not to make them look like stingy portions.  It was not the best tapas that I’ve ever eaten, the jambalaya was mushy and overcooked and the meatballs were dense with the sauce lacking in flavour.

We were given the option to order dessert.  The desserts are all home made so I chose the French lemon tart.

Others ordered the banoffee pie and lemon & lime cheesecake, all desserts were covered in, or accompanied by squirty cream.  My lemon tart didn’t have nearly enough lemon flavour to it and the cream made it feel like there was something to hide on the top!

After dinner, the manager Craig asked if we’d like to sit at the bar while he prepared each of us a cocktail.  As I was driving I asked for a non alcoholic one and very kindly received a Naked Fruity B.


Craig went on to prepare another 5 cocktails, all of which looked really good.

I was disappointed that there was no one with any time to talk to us about the restaurant, about where it’s going and what it wants to achieve.  I have to admit that I dont think I’d return to La Rocas because I’d prefer a menu with more consistency to it.  I did see some steaks going out to other tables which looked really nice.  Maybe the menu is what Wakefield diners want?  It isn’t however, enough to tempt me back to dine there.
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18 Wood Street, Wakefield, WF1 2ED
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    I am fairly certain that I have never eaten ‘proper’ tapas. I am always disappointed by it’s out-of-a-jar look and your report has not made me want to head up the M1 to try La Rocas despite it being quite close. Great photos though and the drinks look good!

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