Jollof Rice – Nigeria [World Cup Food Challenge]

When I started researching (many months ago) for the food of Nigeria there were a lot of stews and soups. Having just done an aubergine stew for Iran, I chose what was described as one of Nigerias most popular dishes ‘Jollof Rice’. It’s one of those one pot dishes that most countries have at least one of. I used this recipe from ‘Come to Nigeria‘.

We started with some plantain crisps! They were salted ones and we managed to pick them up in Sainsburys. I also noticed that our local Morrisons sells them too.


We were late starting the cooking for this and it took a while. I started by frying the onions, then adding the peppers and garlic.


After that it was just a case of adding everything to the pan, then leaving it to cook the rice through.

We decided to accompany the rice with some chicken thighs so Dave marinaded them with scotch bonnet chilli, onion and garlic before cooking them on the griddle pan.jollof_rice


I really liked the dish. It’s one that I think ‘why don’t we cook it again’ and know full well we’ll forget about it! 🙂

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