James Martin’s Homemade Garibaldi

I had a bit of a last minute ‘what shall we have for afters’ when I invited my mum over for tea. I decided against a cake and opted for biscuits. A quick search of the BBC Food website and I found this recipe for James Martin’s Easter Garibaldis.

I did the recipe without the candid peel, and I did the entire thing in the mixer with the paddle attachment. I also found the recipe to be too wet, so I had to add in a fair bit more flour (I didn’t measure the milk, but I put less in than it suggested)

I had been given some cutters for christmas, so we had flower shaped biscuits 🙂

garibaldi biscuits ready to cook

cooling garibaldi biscuits

They were enjoyed by everyone and tasted very much like shop bought ones with the firm outside and chewy middle.

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