Homemade Gyoza (Hairy Bikers) & Chicken Katsu Curry

Dave usually does the cooking here, however last week I decided that once a week I’d do some proper cooking. After browsing books, I decided on gyozas. I’m the type of person that needs to follow a recipe to the letter so I like good instructions!

I had seen the recipe for gyoza skins in the Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies book which were really simple to do (flour, salt and boiling water). My only criticism of the recipe was ‘if it’s too wet, add flour, if it’s too dry add water’ – but I really didn’t know what was too wet etc. However, when I came to knead it, it was way too sticky it just stretched and was impossible to handle, so I added quite a bit of flour at this point and it soon became easier to handle.

Rolling out the dough was easier than I thought. It was flexible and didn’t rip when it was rolled thinly.

There were two fillings in the Hairy Bikers book, but I opted for the filling in the Wagamama cookbook. It was a prawn filling with water chestnut and spinach.


Dave filled the gyoza skins as I rolled them out. Then we cooked them.They took about 5-7 minutes to cook (fry them, steam them, fry again – not as hard as it sounds!).


I made a dipping sauce as per the Wagamama book. The sauce had vinegar, soy sauce, chilli, garlic, sugar in. It did however make way too much – so that’s in the fridge for the next time we make gyoza!

I had also made a katsu sauce, but we decided to just eat the gyozas. So it was katsu curry for lunch today (which was excellent!)! I followed the recipe on the BBC Good Food website.

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