Baguettes | Bake 50 Breads #5

I like baguettes. I like the chewiness and crustiness of them. However, shop bought ones are often disappointing and barely last a day before going stale and horrible.

I was reading Rich’s blog over at a while back when he posted about baguettes, I have since bought the Peter Reinhart book, but I now make my baguettes using the printout of that blog entry. It works perfectly every time.

I’ve started to divide the dough before it goes into the fridge, meaning I can bake them two at a time over a few days.

So this is bread number 5 from my bake 50 breads.

homemade baguettes

We had the baguettes as part of our weekend of tapas. Here’s our cold tapas from Friday evening.
Platter of cold tapas

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