Bagels | Bake 50 Breads #6

I remember watching Great British Bake Off and seeing them cook bagels – I made a mental note and added them to my to make list.

I searched my books and found recipes in the River Cottage Bread, Short & Sweet, Artisan Breads Everyday and The Great British Book of Baking. Each one had quite a different method. I decided to opt for the book which so far, hasn’t let me down – The Great British Book of Baking!

Last week, while in Leeds I visited Millies to pick up some Malt Extract. I had tweeted earlier in the month to ask if they stocked it and they responded with prices and then photos of the jars – excellent service!!

I cant write the recipe up, with it being from a book, but here’s the general method;

  • Mix dry ingredients together and separately mix the wet ingredients then combine into a dough
  • let it rest
  • knead
  • prove for 90 minutes
  • shape into balls
  • leave to rest
  • put the holes in (I squashed my finger in and then spun them around a bit)
  • leave to rest
  • poach in water with malt extract
  • coat with egg white and the chosen toppings (I chose 2 poppy seeds, 2 sesame seeds, rest plain)
  • cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes

Making home made bagels

Although this is time consuming, there wasn’t a lot of effort required really. I started making them in the morning and they were ready to eat for lunch.

The bagels turned out well, although as you can see, the holes shrunk a little too much.

cooked home made bagels

When I divided the dough, the weight was 74g per bagel. I’ve since read the Peter Reinhart book again which says that bagels should be 112g (4oz) each. Next time I’ll make them larger but more squashed (they dont fit in the toaster when halved!)

View and buy the book on amazon: The Great British Book of Baking: 120 best-loved recipes from teatime treats to pies and pasties

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