Holmfirth Food Festival

On Saturday we headed over to Holmfirth Food Festival. It was the first time we’d been and I have to say, I was really impressed. Having done a little research on the site beforehand we decided to head up to the vineyard for breakfast.

The breakfast was made using all local produce (although not sure about the bread!) but the service was shocking. It was slow and it was frustratingly slow as in the staff didn’t seem to be doing much else. The coffee (supposed to be a flat white) wasn’t as a flat white should be. However – there were stunning views and this was taken from our table (indoors).

IMG_0437 IMG_0436

Then we headed back in to town – thankfully finding parking just a few minutes walk away.
Welcome to Holmfirth

There was lots to see. We popped to say hello to Nick at The Porkery stand. He has just started to rear pigs and was selling pork pies. They were delicious. We bought 2!

IMG_0461 IMG_0444

We went to watch the talk by Eric (of Erics restaurant) but were told he wasn’t there due to staff illness. We then went back to watch the talk from The Hepworth, only to find that because Eric didn’t turn up, they moved everyone else forward. That was really disappointing and frustrating 🙁 Why change the ones that are scheduled? The same happened at Huddersfield too.

We bought croissants from Salts (although turns out we were given ones with icing sugar on and we hadn’t wanted those ones) which were very nice and I bought a couple of things from Lottie Shaws too (who isn’t just doing parkin these days).

IMG_0465 IMG_0463

We were wandering around the town and I spotted these in the bakers. I thought there must have been something better presented to go in the window display

It was such a beautiful day, on our way back to Huddersfield we stopped off at Castle Hill to admire the view.

IMG_0454 IMG_0459

The only problem with going for breakfast up at the vineyard, was that I was stuffed when walking around the festival – I was finally able to eat at about 4 when I had a lamb sandwich from Coddys – it was very nice, and had some mint jelly from Lily Pickles on it.

I thought the festival was great (apart from the demos) and definitely look forward to visiting next year. Although we’re still trying to work out what we could sell at a food festival like this, so maybe one day we’ll be stall holders!

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