Flamiche from Crust by Richard Bertinet

I’d flicked through the Dough book when I was on the bread making course the other week and promptly put the books (Crust & Dough) on my Christmas list. This recipe came from the Crust book. It’s basically a pizza with a different style of topping. Rather than tomato sauce, it has eggs&creme fraiche with pancetta and leeks.

The recipe states fresh yeast (10g), but as I didn’t have any, I used dried and used just over 4g.

I made the dough by hand and tried the kneading technique demo’d on the dvd that came with the book. It’s not as I’d normally knead, but it was a lot easier (although a bit messier to start with). It’s a kind of lift up the dough and slap it back down technique.

bertinet flamiche kneading bertinet flamiche sticky hands

Once kneaded it was put in the airing cupboard for an hour to rise. I think, it could probably have had a bit longer to rise (it had about an hour and 5 minutes).

bertinet flamiche dough bertinet flamiche dough risen

In the meantime, I cooked the pancetta, leeks and prepared the topping mixture.

bertinet flamiche cooking pancetta bertinet flamiche cooking leeks

Once the dough was ready, I spread it out on the tray, I found that folding over the edges was enough to stop the topping from falling off.

bertinet flamiche just dough bertinet flamiche ready for the oven

What came out of the oven looked fantastic.
bertinet flamiche cooked

I prepared a tomato, onion and caper salad from the River Cottage Everyday book and served it with salad.

tomato salad

bertinet flamiche plated

I enjoyed every last mouthful! and we’ll definitely have this again and we were talking about lots of different toppings we could put on. Have you made a flamiche? What topping did you put on?

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