Drop Scones from the Great British Bake Off Book

Drop scones/Scotch Pancakes were a favourite in our house when I was growing up. We’d make a batch on shrove Tuesday and have them for supper with butter spread on them – there’d always be too many and we’d reheat them under the grill on the days after.

I tried to make them last year but they were ridiculously sweet and really not very nice. This recipe from The Great British Bake Off book was a lot more successful and I’ll use it again in future.

The recipe is really simple to do. sift the dry ingredients then add the wet and whisk together.

drop scones - ingredients

drop scones - premixing drop scones - mixed batter

Once mixed, the pancakes are cooked on a griddle for a couple of minutes on each side.

drop scones - cooking on griddle drop scones - cooked

Serve fresh from the griddle with butter on, or keep in tupperware and lightly toast before buttering.

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