Clandestine Cake Club

I have seen mention of CCC’s around on twitter for a long time.But I’ve always been put off because the pictures I’ve seen are of some amazing looking cakes!

I like cake but I have never made a proper cake. My experience of making sweet things is with madeleines, flapjacks and lemon cheesecake (not the baked variety). I’m the only one in the house with a sweet tooth.

I have been told that cake club is not a competition, so I shouldn’t worry. But – I will, and I need to get some practise in! There isn’t a theme to the event I’m going to, so that means that (within the rules) I can make any cake I want. So now, I need to work out which cake to make…..

Victoria Sponge – I’ve been told this is simple to make, BUT surely that makes it the hardest to take because everyone else has done it and perfected it?

Madeira Cake – I had a really dry slice of cake recently – does that mean these are really hard to make?

Carrot Cake – Probably my favourite cake – I will need to research how difficult it is to make.

I need to spend some time researching different cakes and seeing how they’re made, then I can decide what to make, do a practice run and be ready for the actual day. One thing I need to find out is, how long does cake last? Should I make it the day before or 2 days before?


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