Victoria Sponge, Clandestine Cake Club – Spen Valley

It was the first CCC Spen Valley meeting last night. If you remember, I’d signed up weeks ago and then went on a mission to learn how to bake a cake! We had an email to tell us the top secret venue for the occasion and I strapped my cake in, called to pick my mum up on the way and off we went!


It was just a Victoria Sponge, which I realise is very plain – but it was my starting point for baking and I can only get more adventurous I think!

Anyway, as you’d expect I took some photos. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t get a decent photo of all the cakes together (there were two displays) but I did take photos of most of the cakes.






I ate so much cake! I was glad I’d only had a small sandwich before going.

It was a really fun evening out and I”m quite excited to try more cake clubs.


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