Limoncello Cake: Clandestine Cake Club, Huddersfield

CONFESSION: Last night I ate cake for tea!

It was Huddersfield’s third Clandestine Cake Club and I finally managed to get along. I’m still pretty nervous about signing up to these things and I actually got Catherine to sign up and say she’d take me as her guest before I decided I should could bake a cake myself.

The theme for last nights club was;

‘Tis the Season to be Merry
It’s the season to eat, drink and be merry so we’re having an alcohol inspired Clandestine Cake event. Why not use your favourite Christmas tipple as inspiration or simply add an alcoholic twist to your favourite sponge cake.

So, once the theme was announced, I had a think about our drinks stash (which is mainly gin) and decided I should use the homemade limoncello that we had made last year. A quick search and I found lots of recipes for Limoncello Cake. It took me a while to find one that appealed, but I eventually settled on this one from allrecipes. Most of the recipes were from the US and I wasn’t ready for converting everything to UK measurements. I was surprised to find the cake made from rapeseed oil rather than butter, it also had yoghurt in too.

A few weeks ago we were going to my dads for tea, so I figured that would be a perfect excuse for a test run of my cake. It didn’t go so well as the tin I used was overfilled (a sandwich tin) and the mixture overflowed (I hadn’t realised that it would grow so much!) Thank goodness I’d put a tray underneath though!

full cake tin overflowing cake tin

I glazed half of the cake with the limoncello icing to see if it was better with or without icing.

limoncello cake attempt one half glazed limoncello cake

 General consensus on the day was that the icing made it more lemon-y. So, in preparation for the big day, I bought a tin with higher sides!

limoncello cake before oven cooked limoncello cake

limoncello cake in tin cake club cake

The cake was an absolute success and everyone was very polite and complimentary about it quite surprised that it was only the second cake I’d made! (not including the practise runs).

I brought back a couple of slices and loads of other cake which I have been slowly working my way through today. I liked most of the cakes, but I think my favourite on my night (as it’d be rude to pick mine) was Al’s port and orange christmas cake with lemon and white stilton icing – yes I know this sounds very weird, but it complimented the cake so well.

It was a lovely evening, everyone was very friendly and chatty and it was nice to meet some new people.

However, I’m now feeling a little more confident about baking cake, I’m quite looking forward to next months event!

Huddersfield’s CCC is run by Marie-Claire who also runs an Underground Tea Room.

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