Chorizo and Butternut Squash Tacos from Mexican Food Made Simple

I’ve eaten in Wahaca a couple of times and loved it both times. I really enjoyed the variety of food, the tapas style ordering and the flavours of everything I had.

We recently ate at the Dinner at the Manor supper club for their ‘Wahaca’ evening and decided it was finally time that I attempted to use up the 4 bags of Masa Harina flour I bought when it was 99p a bag at Sainsburys.

I really wanted to cook loads from the book,  but I couldn’t see how to make a meal but start simple! Anyway, I opted for the ‘autumn’ tacos which were chorizo and butternut squash, the book suggested serving with pink pickled onions so I did those too.

I did the pickled onions at lunchtime, the book said they took 10 minutes to prepare, they didn’t, they took longer. I sliced the onions and put them under boiling water for 10 minutes (see – already we’re over the 10 minute predicted time!), juiced an orange and 2 limes, diced (and survived) a scotch bonnet chilli and put them in the fridge to marinade for the afternoon.
thomasina miers pink pickled onions
The result were some beautifully pink onions! surprise surprise! 🙂
thomasina miers - pink pickled onions

We had dried anchos chillis, so I had to rehyrdrate it before using it. The recipe went a little like this:

  • dice the chilli and butternut squash
  • squish some garlic into oil and salt
  • stick in the oven until nicely cooked (took about 20 minutes)

thomasina miers - anchos chilli thomasina miers - diced butternut squash
thomasina miers - butternut squash to roast thomasina miers - roasted butternust squash chilli garlic

  • dice shallots and chorizo
  • fry until cooked, stir in thyme and the butternut squash mix then it’s ready to serve in the tortillas

thomasina miers - chorizo onion thyme thomasina miers - cooking chorizo and onion
thomasina miers - butternut squash and chorizo

Dave prepared some nachos with refried beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa on, which we munched on before preparing the tortillas.

So, I made the tortillas (and I’ve posted a proper write up here in my ’50 breads challenge’) but they went a little like this…..


However, they weren’t really all that good. I definitely need to try again. I made the recipe on the side of the flour packet, but it didn’t seem right. Next time I’ll try the Thomasina recipe.

thomasina miers - butternut squash and chorizo tortilla

I’ll try again soon with the tortillas, but possibly make sure I have some ready made ones on stand by just incase! I was a little disappointed in the lack of heat in this recipe. I used an entire anchos chilli in the butternut squash, but maybe I should have used two. I wonder if it being a dried chilli made the difference?

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