Chin Chin – Nigeria [World Cup Food Challenge]

Sooo, Nigeria made it through to the second round which meant tonight, as they were playing we needed to cook a recipe. We were quite short on time, so I opted for a snack recipe that didn’t impact too much on our day. I picked the snack of Chin Chin. It’s a deep fried pastry which is very popular across the country and is often found for sale as street food.

I looked at quite a lot of recipes, and I finally settled on one today from this blog post over here at <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>African Bites</a> as the recipe was well written and had a few comments saying it was successful when others tried it!

We didn’t have any lime, as I only decided on that recipe today, so we just used the nutmeg. The Chin Chin’s keep for a month in tupperware, which is good because we have about a hundred of them I reckon!!

Dough mixed and then ready to roll out
chinchinmixed chinchindough

Once rolled, I sliced it using a pizza cutter
nigerianchinchinreadytoslice chinchinnigeriasliced

The chin chin fried for a few minutes in oil ranging from 300-325F.
chinchinfrying chinchinfrying1

I drained the chin chins on kitchen paper before serving them
chinchinnigeriadraining nigerianchinchin

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