World Cup Food Challenge


Argentina – The Finals – World Cup food challenge

Soooo, the World Cup is drawing to a close and Argentina are just playing extra time with Germany. Today is … Read More

chicken milanesa - argentina

Chicken ‘milanesa’ – Argentina [World Cup Food Challenge]

Aren’t Argentina doing well! For the semi finals I opted for a Chicken Milanesa – breaded and fried chicken which … Read More


Spicy beef empanadas – Argentina [World Cup Food Challenge]

Argentina are charging their way through the World Cup – it’s getting harder to decide what to cook! For the … Read More


Dulce de leche – Argentina [World Cup Food Challenge]

I have two tasks; make an Argentinian meal and bake a cake for Clandestine Cake Club so I decided to … Read More


Chin Chin – Nigeria [World Cup Food Challenge]

Sooo, Nigeria made it through to the second round which meant tonight, as they were playing we needed to cook … Read More


Burek – Bosnia & Herzegovina [World Cup Food Challenge]

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Cuisine page on wikipedia is full of ideas of things to cook. I thought I’d try … Read More


Steak, Chimichurri & Salads – Argentina [World Cup Food Challenge]

Ahhhh, what to cook for Argentina….. ‘Asado’! (barbecue!) Apart from it didn’t quite work out that way. We were going … Read More


Jollof Rice – Nigeria [World Cup Food Challenge]

When I started researching (many months ago) for the food of Nigeria there were a lot of stews and soups. … Read More

Khoresh with rice

Khoresh Bādemjān – Iran [World Cup Food Challenge]

Sooooo, the World Cup has started. I have no interest in the football, but I’m very excited to be starting … Read More


There’s a new challenge on the horizon!

Following on from the Olympic Food Challenge which was organised by Ewan. He has decided to run another challenge as … Read More