Olympic Food Challenge


Olympic Food Challenge – The Gambia – Chicken Yassa

The Gambia is a country in West Africa, it gained independence from the UK in 1965. They have sent athletes … Read More


Olympic Food Challenge – Somalia – Iskudeh Karis

The Olympic Food Challenge wasn’t completed by the end of the Olympics, so Ewan has redistributed some of the countries … Read More


Olympic Food Challenge – Ukraine – Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Ukraine first competed in the Winter Olympics in 1994. Prior to that they competed under the Soviet Union. They have … Read More

flag of barbados

Olympic Food Challenge – Barbados – Curried Pork Chops and Rice

Barbados first competed in the 1968 olympics and have sent six athletes to compete in London, all of them male. … Read More

flag of rwanda

Olympic Food Challenge – Rwanda – Rwandan Chicken & fried beans

The athletes of Rwanda have been competing in the Olympics since 1984, but they have never won a medal. So … Read More

flag of st lucia

Olympic Food Challenge – St Lucia – Lime Chicken

With just four athletes competing in the Olympics they’re one of the smaller teams. As of August 7th, they have … Read More


Olympic Food Challenge – Brazil – Cheese Bread & Kibe

This olympic games is an important one for Brazil. At the end we’ll be handing over the flag to them … Read More


Olympic Food Challenge – Moldova – Mustard Shrimp

Moldova are quite recent competitors to the olympics and first competed as an independent nation in 1992. Prior to this … Read More

Olympic Food Challenge – Guam – TinakTak

Guam. I hadn’t even heard of Guam before the OFC! Anyway, Guam is actually part of the USA. It’s an … Read More

Olympic Food Challenge countries

Olympic Food Challenge

A little while back, on twitter, @EwanMitchell mentioned a challenge of getting a bunch of food bloggers together to take … Read More