Bread Making

tortillas - cooked

Mexican Tortillas | Bake 50 Breads #3

This was my first attempt at making tortillas, and I have to admit, they really didn’t turn out as I’d … Read More

white loaves

Basic White Bread | Bake 50 Breads #2

I regularly make white bread, so it’s fitting that this appears quite early on in the challenge. I tend to … Read More

river cottage sourdough cooked

River Cottage Sourdough | Bake 50 Breads #1

Following on from my post about day one and to of making the River Cottage Sourdough Starter it continued on … Read More

bertinet flamiche cooked

Flamiche from Crust by Richard Bertinet

I’d flicked through the Dough book when I was on the bread making course the other week and promptly put … Read More

river cottage day one sourdough starter

River Cottage Sourdough Starter – Day one and two

I have been baking my own handmade bread for a year now. I can confidently make a decent white loaf, … Read More