Cafe Nouveau – Huddersfield’s Underground Tea Room

tea tray at cafe nouveau huddersfieldI cant remember how I first heard about Marie-Claire’s underground tearoom. I’m guessing it was probably on twitter though. It was way back in January when I booked to go for June’s afternoon tea – that’s how popular it is! The title of the tea was ‘a taste of the seaside’ and we were sent a menu a few days before.

  • Homemade traditional lemonade
  • A selection of sandwiches including prawn marie rose, cheese and pickle, and hot dogs with chilli jam
  • Crab tart and summer sausage rolls
  • A selection of cakes including cinnamon doughnuts, raspberry marshmallows, toffee apple cupcakes and a modern twist on strawberries, cream and jelly
  • Sultana scones with clotted cream and jam
  • A selection of Teas and Coffee

June hasn’t been too great weatherwise, so it was between the showers that I headed over to the other side of town. The email had said ‘just walk straight in’ – that’s quite a scary thing to do even when you’re 100% sure that you’ve got the right address. I was greeted by Martin and shown to the dining room. The table was big and there were 9 of us altogether. We tucked into the savoury goodies while drinks were made and we got to know each other.

PHOTOS: Crab tart || Cinnamon doughnuts (served with a chocolate sauce)

PHOTOS: Raspberry marshmallows || Toffee apple cupcakes

PHOTOS: Sultana scones || Strawberry fraisier

The food was fantastic. It was everything I had been anticipated having watched Marie-Claire’s twitter feed over the past few months. She is one very talented lady when it comes to baking. The event ran from 2 until 4 and it was such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I love that you can go and share that experience with quite random people but still have a good time.

I’m relieved I enjoyed it as I’ve already booked on another one later in the year!

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Cafe Nouveau At Home – The underground tea room in Huddersfield

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