Burek – Bosnia & Herzegovina [World Cup Food Challenge]

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Cuisine page on wikipedia is full of ideas of things to cook. I thought I’d try taking on the challenge of making burek. This is a flaky pastry filled with meat. Although traditionally it is rolled in a spiral, mine wasn’t but you’ll probably forgive me when you read below as I did try and make the entire thing from scratch.

I couldn’t find many detailed recipes, but I did come across this recipe for Croatian Burek, and thought I’d follow that. I researched fillings and they were pretty similar. We made the beef ones. So a few hours before we were eating it started with frying some beef mince, adding some spices and some partially cooked potato before setting it aside to cool, and to drain. I then made the pastry. I did this in the mixer and then as per the recipe, I placed it under oil for 30 minutes.

borek-filling bosnian-borek-pastry

I made the pastry as per the recipe and split it in to 4. The intention was that I would make 2 meat bureks. However, when it came to layering the pastry, that’s when my problems started…..

Got a couple of holes in the first one….


It was so thin, but with it being oiled, it was very pliable.


I think this is where I must have misread, I thought I was supposed to fold the pastry in on itself, to then fold out later on and make layers.


My last one was a good ‘un.


Then it all went wrong! I put one of the earlier rolled layers back on to the pastry, but I couldn’t get it to unfold, it was just all stuck together and wouldn’t detach at all.


Thank goodness for shop bought filo!




As you can see from the top of this photo, there was a little too much pastry on the top layer, but the rest of it was actually pretty good.


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