Balti Palace, Darton

On a Tuesday and Wednesday evening Balti Palace in Darton have a special offer. You can order any starter, any main, a naan or rice and a tea or coffee for £8.95 (£2 supplement if you order a King Prawn dish).

Now this, is a fantastic offer in my book. I’ve tried the restaurant on other evenings and had takeaway from there too and the food served on these offer evenings is just the same quality as any other time.

Last night we ran through the rain from the car park to get in to find the restaurant *packed*. You could barely open the door. We had booked so went to speak to one of the guys to be told there was a 15/20 minute wait. This is so disappointing and frustrating when you’ve booked a table. They’d obviously overbooked with the amount of people waiting for tables. Why operate a booking system if you’re not going to stick to it? While waiting, I heard one of the staff take a call and another booking for 8:30 (I saw a bunch of people arrive at 8:30 and there were no tables for them).

PHOTO: Poppadoms and Pickle tray for 4

The pickle tray is presented in a dish I’m sure my parents had in the 80s!  The poppadoms weren’t as crispy as they usually are, but the pickle tray is full of flavour with mango chutney and mint sauce amongst the choices.

PHOTO: King Prawn Chaat

I really enjoy prawns in curry, so I was happy to pay the extra £2 supplement for them.  I really like the chaat, it’s like a prawn curry in a pancake.  It’s got a real heat to it but it’s not uncomfortable to eat.


PHOTOS: King Prawn Pathia // Pilau Rice

This is my first pathia.  The menu said it was a sweet and sour dish made with red chillies.  I dont like Chinese sweet and sour, but I thought I’d give this a go as I still haven’t found a favourite curry down there and I do really like red chillies.  The dish was true to its word, there was sweet and sour then a bit of heat.  It was nice, but, I wouldn’t order it again.

PHOTO: Garlic Naan

I reckon the naan could take a bit more garlic, but the bread is delicious.  It’s lovely and soft and yum!

I tried writing a paragraph about the problems with the night, but I think a list would be better placed here!

  • we were seated 20 minutes after our booking time
  • drinks orders weren’t delivered when we ordered at the table
  • it took 4 attempts at asking for the bill before we received it
  • the meal took over an hour longer than it usually does when we visit

I have eaten here quite a lot and this is the first bad experience that I’ve had with the service (apart from the odd slow to arrive drink).  The food is decent quality, but be prepared, they might have overbooked when you go too!

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74 Church Street, Darton, Barnsley, S75 5HQ
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