Argentina – The Finals – World Cup food challenge

Soooo, the World Cup is drawing to a close and Argentina are just playing extra time with Germany. Today is the final day of the challenge and required me to cook another meal from Argentina. We actually had 3 things today!

At lunchtime we had Choripán. These are chorizo & chimichurri rolls. These are common snacks/street food at football matches. We had chimichurri left from a couple of weeks back, and I defrosted some brioche rolls I made recently too. We had this with a Russian salad.

choripan-chorizo choripan-chimichurri

choripan-briochebuns choripan

For tea we had an ‘asoda’ (barbecue to celebrate) and we cooked a few things, but the nod to Argentina was rump steak with chimichurri.

rumpsteak rumpsteak-chimichurri

Then for afters we had ‘peaches with Malbec’. I was quite surprised with this when I discovered it, it really is just sliced peach with Malbec. Apparently you can use tinned or fresh, we had fresh.

peaches peacheswithmalbec

So that’s the end of the challenge for me! I did find it quite hard in the middle to try and fit it around work and life, but I got there in the end. The thing that I do enjoy about these challenges is the exploration you do in to other countries and their food. Argentina really does seem to be a country that loves beef and barbecues!

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