cornbread loaf sliced

Cornbread | Bake 50 Breads #4

This recipe comes from chef Stephen Jackson who owns the T & Cake Cafe in Almondbury. We visited just over … Read More


WasabiSabi Birthday and Clandestine Cake Club book launch

I was lucky enough to be amongst the invited guests at the WasabiSabi Restaurant 9th birthday celebrations on Monday in … Read More


Lasagne Bolognese from The Silver Spoon cookbook

This was possibly my most ambitious challenge so far. I watched the Mary Berry Story on BBC last week and … Read More

drop scones - premixing

Drop Scones from the Great British Bake Off Book

Drop scones/Scotch Pancakes were a favourite in our house when I was growing up. We’d make a batch on shrove … Read More

nigella pancakes - folded

Pancakes from How to Eat by Nigella Lawson

I recently signed up to I dutifully added all our books, which turned out to be 135 cookbooks and … Read More

Chino Latino dessert platter

Chino Latino, Leeds

We visited Chino Latino in Leeds on a cold February evening. The restaurant is part of the Park Plaza Hotel … Read More

thomasina miers - butternut squash and chorizo tortilla

Chorizo and Butternut Squash Tacos from Mexican Food Made Simple

I’ve eaten in Wahaca a couple of times and loved it both times. I really enjoyed the variety of food, … Read More

tortillas - cooked

Mexican Tortillas | Bake 50 Breads #3

This was my first attempt at making tortillas, and I have to admit, they really didn’t turn out as I’d … Read More

Homemade Pickles and Chutneys for Christmas

A little bit of a random post really, and one that was written before Christmas, but couldn’t be published until … Read More

cranberry and oat biscuits

Sour Cherry and Oat Biscuits from Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard

I had the Dan Lepard book bought as a belated birthday present, I spent a long time reading through it, … Read More